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all available from Hunter catapults,as these are bespoke just email us to discuss your requirements.



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hello,my name is justin,some folk know me as fish on many forums i am a member of,i am married with 4 boys .We live in rural Wiltshire in England ,we are nearly self sufficient growing 70% of our vegetable needs and we hunt for most of our meat and fish,we also forage the hedgerows for fruits,nuts and vegetables we can eat and use,most of our foods we preserve in kilner type jars.

Sarah and i run our own business from home called hunter catapults   http://www.huntercatapults.co.uk   we were the first slingshot/catapult company in the world to use theraband gold as standard on all our catapults,for the frames we use all manner of different materials from ply-board to woolly mammoth ivory.